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formal request for sainthood.

Hello, I am representing one, Jim Shearer as he had been petitioned for Sainthood for the organization pungee/LUPA.

Here are his qualifications:

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He's hot. He plays music videos. Genuinely loves good music. Is funny. Smart. And very nice.

Thank you,


"this week in masturbation"

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also? who wants to come with me to see The Futureheads?! OH! And may I petition for Jim Shearer's sainthood? Or, at least, Angel? Did we already put him as one? I'm confused.

edit: because, yes, i know, i put one up twice. who cares?!


matt good spam

For Ana, purely for icon purposes. And jerking off material, if one feels so inclined. I can't find that many pictures of Matt because I just don't know where to start. I'm new at the fftl stalking, okay?! lol. Also? If you have your collection of APs handy, look at the one with them/p!atd on the cover. On the contents page there is a lovely oh so woah picture of Matt. I'm gonna have to scan it sometime soon. That picture deserves its own post. Um. Anyway!

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hey baishes,

so, i need pictures. if you want icons, give me pictures. and i really really want pictures! must. get. out. of. room.

to my latest installment, i made some frank!jamia icons.
//// ////

and for the new ones that i posted in my lj, but because i like this image function on lj im going to post them here too
//// ////

this is what i want:
-matt gOOd face shots (or whole body, no biggie, but face has to be clear and legible ;D)
-alklaine trio (the whole group... already have enough matt skibabababababa *faints*)

im gonna go shower now. *grooooossss*

Make it a Double!

Double headlining tour ladies!

Do tickets go on sale Friday or Saturday?

Day Of The Matts Part II

And now, the born Saint but just recently realized, Matt Skiba!

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Day Of The Matts Part I

Who cares if it's Pete Wentz's birthday, yes?

We'll start off with Matt Good so that Matt Skiba can be on top of the page. (It makes sense to me, okay?!)

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picspammy day oh yay

Before I start The Day Of The Matts, let me picspam you with that little slut, Ryan Ross. (*Warning* This post contains the infamous ryanross!shoulder picture full sized, stupidhair and spencer.)

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random picspam



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no words. at all. well, other than i want a shirt that says matt good. but. yeah. um. i just thought i'd share.


gerard does not approve
apple juice all over your body

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