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I Survived A Boyband
by JC Chasez, 29, member of NSYNC

Actually, I loved it. We were like sponges - we were really able to appreciate it. We lived a dream, a full life in a matter of years. In South Africa, we got to go swimming in two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic, within an hour. In a boy band, in terms of imagination, the sky was the limit. Other genres worry about looking cheesy. But if we could think it, we tried it. If there was a new product, we'd stick it in our hair. If there was something ridiculous to wear, we'd wear it because we thought it was cool to stand out. We were so excited about being onstage, we'd wear snakeskin pants when we were in our hometowns with everyone else in khaki pants.

But we never went crazy in our personal lives. I know a lot of bands, and their problem is, they lose respect for each other. We're not a band anymore, but we still respect each other and that's why we stayed friends. Everybody remained humble. And when you're a solo artist, you have to eat humble pie again. With my next solo album out later this year - the writing's done. I'm in the production phase - it's definitely still pop, it's stuff you can dance to, but everything's guitar-based.

It's lonely when you're a solo artist - people say they can relate to you but they can't, because they're not in your shoes. In *NSYNC, there were four other people who were in the exact same position I was in, so they really did understand.

well, i will not admit that i was a bit sadden by the fact that he said that they were no longer a band...oh jc.


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